AI and intelligent manufacturing take center stage at globabracelet siliconel summit

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Agreements on establishing a number of platforms in Foshan are inked during the AI summit. [Photo/China Daily]

The 2018 China Foshan Global Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Manufacturing Summit, held from Oct 29 to 31 in Foshan, Guangdong province, garnered much attention from business insiders and academic experts in attendance from all over the world.

A number of deals were inked during the event, including a memorandum of understanding signed by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership of Britain, Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, and Foshan city government. An agreement on a series of projects proposed by the the China Academy of Invention Achievement Transformation was also signed.

The projects signed during the event included the development of next-generation internet semiconductors, as well as innovation platforms for artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing.

One milestone agreement was the signing between Foshan and the Zhongguancun Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Platform, with the latter agreeing to introduce technologies, businesses and professionals from Beijing"s Zhongguancun area to Foshan, as well as offer AI personnel training and technology transfer services.

Meng Yang, a senior executive of the platform, said a total of 10 projects from Zhongguancun, China"s premier high-tech hub, were exhibited during the Foshan AI event.

"More than half of China"s key AI enterprises are located in Zhongguancun. They are expecting to integrate their technologies with the manufacturing sectors," Meng said, adding that Foshan is a perfect location for such an integration due to its strong foundation in manufacturing.

Qian Weiqiang, president of the China Academy of Invention Achievement Transformation, said the summit aims to promote international cooperation, introducing cutting-edge technologies and new ideas in the AI and intelligent manufacturing areas to help upgrade China"s traditional industries.

Academics also showed great interest in Foshan, attending the summit to give their suggestions on the AI and intelligent manufacturing industries after visiting local enterprises and institutions on Oct 29.

They visited the Foshan high-tech zone"s exhibition hall and learned that the zone has formed a cluster of advanced manufacturing.

They also toured leading local companies including the FAW-Volkswagen Foshan, furniture manufacturer Wision, and the China Academy of Invention Achievement Transformation.

After welcoming the guests, Liu Taogen, director of Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, said it"s no surprise that the city and the high-tech zone are attractive to both entrepreneurs and experts in the high-tech sectors.

"During the past 26 years since its establishment, Foshan high-tech zone has been focusing on the growth of real-economy sectors and has boasted a complete industrial system, especially in the manufacturing sector," Liu said.

He said the high-tech zone is proud to be the host of the AI summit, which is also a grand showcase of the area"s competitive industries.

Liu noted that the zone"s attractiveness to investors includes a strong capacity for research and development, a friendly environment for private and foreign investors and its location as a part of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

"We hope we can combine AI with the manufacturing sector to help in our industrial upgrade," Liu said.

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